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Founded 1887 by Friedrich Goetze in Burscheid, Germany, the globally wellestablished GOETZE® brand is owned by Federal-Mogul since 1998.

Federal-Mogul Holdings LLC is a leading global supplier of products and services to the world’s manufacturers and servicers of vehicles and equipment in the automotive, light, medium and heavy-duty commercial, marine, rail, aerospace, power generation and industrial markets. The company’s products and services enable improved fuel economy, reduced emissions and enhanced vehicle safety. Federal-Mogul was founded in Detroit in 1899 and maintains its worldwide headquarters in Southfield, Michigan (USA). The company has more than 53,000 employees globally and operates two independent business divisions: Federal-Mogul Motorparts and Federal-Mogul Powertrain.

As a member of Federal-Mogul Powertrain, we will continue carrying the GOETZE brand, delivering premium products to maximize our customers’ satisfaction and build a long-term partnership through our reliable, efficient, and lowest total costs of ownership services.

Products and services

Mechanical face seals from Federal-Mogul Powertrain’s GOETZE® brand are found wherever the going gets really tough: in heavy technical equipment such as construction machinery, conveyors, mining machinery, concrete and cement mixers, tunnel boring and agricultural equipment. Our face seals ensure lubricant retention within wheel hubs and axles, track rollers, transmissions and many more components.

We are present all over the world to support our customers, whatever harsh conditions they face. Our portfolio of designs and advanced materials covers applications including some of the biggest equipment around: we manufacture face seals with a diameter of up to 1,425 mm – in fact the world’s largest cast
iron face seals. Within the last 60 years, Federal-Mogul has built a strong position in the global face seals market. We have a reputation for solving even the hardest sealing tasks.
Mechanical Face Seal

The cast iron seal rings are preloaded by the elastomer parts.
As a result, the axial load closes the gap between the seal faces, which leads to the sealing function. The relative movement in circumferential direction is only taken place between the seal faces.
The resilience of the O-rings acts in a number of ways:
• exertion of axial load on the metallic sealing faces
• transmission of the friction torque to the housing components
• static sealing between each seal ring and its housing bore

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O-Ring Type

The most common mechanical face seals design is the o-ring, with two symmetrically tapered seal rings and two o-rings. O-ring designs have two versions - the 76.90H with a ground profile; and the 76.97H with an as-cast profile. In general, both versions are completely interchangeable.

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Assembly service

We offer assembly tools to optimize the assembly process and to ensure a proper function of the seals. Together with understanding the varying needs for series production, and maintenance tasks, we are able to offer customer specific assembly tools for special requirements. This customization extends to sealing solutions using new materials, designs, and applications.

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News & Innovations


Seal rings

Wear and corrosion resistance are the two main requirements that have to be fulfilled by seal ring materials. As such, our metallurgists have developed special cast iron materials specifically for the rough working conditions that mining machines and construction machinery are exposed to.

These cast iron materials show a good corrosion resistance due to the careful selection of alloying components. They are also exceptionally resistant to abrasive wear because of their increased hardness.

In addition, we offer different coatings which provide optimum sealing solutions for higher sliding speeds, enhanced corrosion resistance for demanding environments, and reduced friction loss for higher speed applications. Please send us your specific requirements for engineering review.

Duronit: The standard high performance material Duronit is very common in the cast iron seal market. This ledeburitic cast iron with fine graphit inclusions is characterized by its excellent wear resistance in combination with good tribological behavior. Even under extreme stress Duronit proves its outstanding resistance against seizure and scoring.

Coronit: The latest material development is the high speed material Coronit, which is also based on a ledeburitic structure in which free graphit is embedded.
The successful combination shows excellent tribological characteristics and allows a sliding speed of up to 12 m/s. The reduced friction loss and efficient heat transfer provide clear advantages for face seal durability in high speed applications.


High thermal resistance and low compression set are the essential criteria specified for the elastomer material in demanding applications.

Our standard design meets these requirements with the use of nitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR). For higher thermal stresses, the o-rings are constructed of HNBR, FPM or VMQ. The oil compatibility of several elastomers has to be checked.

The elastomer materials listed are offered in various degrees of hardness (Shore A) so that the o-ring can adequately perform its function of generating a permanent and consistent contact pressure within the sealing system.

We consider the further development of materials as an essential process to meet the increasing demands of our customers. We actively promote this development and set new standards.

For any special requirements or wishes, please contact our application engineers or development engineers to jointly find a solution.

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The GOETZE® quality assurance is the result of long-established proven processes. Quality encompasses all measures, procedures, materials and processes, including administration, throughout the company. Proven quality – validated by certificates from leading institutes and existing customers – make GOETZE® the first choice for face seals.

We manufacture our face seals completely in-house, from the casting to the finish grinding. State-of-the-art test rigs and optimized quality processes ensure the high quality of GOETZE® products. The materials, elastomer compositions and designs are perfectly adapted to the applications. Starting with an outer diameter of 50 millimeters, the dimensions reach up to 1,425 millimeters, a world record. In fact, the world’s largest cast face seals in open-castors, large-scale bogies and other large-scale machines bear the GOETZE® name.

With its innovations, product diversity and brand quality as well as material competence, a strong service orientation and a global presence, GOETZE® is a worldwide market leader for cast face seals.

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Federal-Mogul Powertrain creates value for its customers through innovations in technologies and products, processes and services. This makes the company one of the world's preferred suppliers for major OEMs.

Our company offers solutions for manufacturers of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, construction machinery as well as in the fields of energy production, aerospace, rail transport and industry. The innovative products and specially developed technologies offer customers real advantages in the market. To do this, we rely on:

* Globally networked development with 14 technology centers on three continents (North- and South America, Europe, Asia)
* Superior material and analysis know-how
* State-of-the-art testing facilities
* Internationally renowned manufacturing processes
* Flexible Distribution

Latest innovation: Type 76.95 HSL square bore face seal with retaining lip, antispin protection and dirt excluder lip.

Our most recent face seal development is the HSL seal, an evolution and special form of the company’s established square bore seal 76-95 H. The HSL seal uses a unique and patented design for the elastomeric part of the seal with an integral dirt exclusion lip and heavy-duty spin protection. These features improve the seal performance significantly under extreme mud packing conditions. This keeps the seal fully flexible and leads to reduced leakage and extended service life.

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