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indurad offers highly endurable and customized 2D/3D radar solutions for volumetric inventory control, machine positioning and anti collision tasks. Founded as a spin-off of the prestigious mining institute of the University of Aachen, Germany, indurad has quickly earned the reputation of a highly innovative company with solutions designed to work in tough environments.

In 2016 we have established our own branch office in Santiago de Chile for local sales and engineering support."

Products and services

indurad Chile will present the whole range of radar-based automation solutions for the mining industry. Apart from well-known solutions in Chile, such as iBelt™ (alternative to belt scales) and iStockpile™ (full 3D monitoring of big stockpiles), we will also present new solutions that support the entire production chain in mines from pit to port.

This will also include brandnew developments in our hardware portfolio. The most recent focus is put on our high-range and high-definition iRTT™ (indurad RadioTransponderTechnology) positioning sensors that have the potential to revolutionize both machine positioning and collision avoidance. Information on reference installations in Chile will also be available upon request.


Level Control and De-Blockage Solution for all types of Crushers

iCrusher™ is the truly reliable blockage detection and filling level control solution for any type of industrial crusher. The high reliability and availability of the underlying indurad sensor technology make iCrusher™ the perfect base for improving the entire crushing process. This technology has proven to boost the performance of any brand and model of crusher.
iCrusher™ is a combination of several indurad iDRR™ (indurad DualRangeRadar) sensors, usually installed above the crusher, hopper or inside one of the interior chambers. These sensors measure the material level, larger rocks or – if required – the volumetric content inside the hopper or one of the interior chambers.

In combination with indurad iRTT™ (indurad RadioTransponderTag) technology, the rock hammer can be fully automated. iCrusher™ works worry-free and reliably even in difficult installation environments or in high dust or dirt particle concentrations.

iShiploader - Fully integrated Anti-Collision, Positioning and Volumetric Control Solution for Shiploaders/Unloaders

Collision Avoidance, Inventory Control and general Loading/Unloading Enhancement Solution for all types and brands of Shiploaders

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Intelligent and Adaptable Cell-based high-range Collision Avoidance Solution

iProximity™ is a comprehensive collision avoidance solution that can be customized to various machines and environments. Collision avoidance is a standard feature in our solution packages for stackers, reclaimers and similar mining machinery.

Besides our standard collision avoidance portfolio, we have realized the following special collision avoidance projects in the past:
• On shearer loaders to prevent collision with upper canopy
• On trains to prevent collisions with objects on rails (trains, scrap yards)
• On overhead cranes to prevent collisions with infrastructure and machinery (truck workshops)
• On harbor cranes and floating cranes
• On container handling equipment (intermodal railyard – CRMGs, RMGs, forklift trucks, reachstackers and empty container handlers)

indurad GmbH
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Dr Matthias Schönhofer
Senior Inside Sales Expert
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indurad Chile SpA
Clemente Fabres 1061
Providencia, Santiago de Chile

Phone: +56 2 29057627
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News & Innovations

iRTT™ Mine Digitalization, Anti-Collision System, Localization and Data Network Solution
iRTT™ Mine Digitalization, Anti-Collision System, Localization and Data Network Solution - more information on the booth.

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