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J&C Bachmann delivers complex physical analysis from a combination of different technologies such as XRF, image processing and artificial intelligence.

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J&C Bachmann core competence is in industrial measurement and control applications. The development and application of physical and image based analysis methods for process automation and control are the main competencies. The focus is on measuring devices for the determination of material properties and on image analysis for quality assurance.

J&C Bachmann delivers complex physical analyses from a combination of measuring techniques such as X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, X-ray transmission or image processing enhanced with artificial intelligence.

J&C Bachmann offers solutions designed by its in-house team of physicists, chemists, electrical, mechanical and process engineers. These solutions are equipped with state of the art software. Our devices can be individualized and tailored to customer requirements.

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TEXAS: http://jcbachmann.com/products/texas/
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Products & Services

1) TEXAS: Total Elemental X-ray Analysis System.

Is an online X-ray fluorescence device for the elemental analysis of bulk materials without sampling. Analyzes continuously the elemental composition (Z>12) of the material.

2) FLORIDA: Fluids Online Recognition Identification and Determination Analyzer.

This device adapts the X-ray fluorescence for online process control and pollution monitoring. FLORIDA 400 is designed for the monitoring of flotation circuits, while FLORIDA WT is designed to monitor the effluent water of industrial plants as well as the general water quality monitoring for heavy metals and toxic elements.

3) IBERIA: Inline Borehole Element Recognition and Identification Analysis

The borehole probes is based on X-ray fluorescence and offer the logging of the borehole immediately after drilling. The results are therefore available in time and can be transferred automatically into a deposit map.

The reconnaissance of deposits is currently done by extensive exploration drilling. The borehole debris is collected for later analysis in the laboratory. This is a time-consuming and expensive procedure, which also has many biases.

IBERIA offers the logging of the borehole immediately after drilling. The results are therefore available in time and can be transferred automatically into a deposit map.


Texas is ideal for implementation on conveyor belts for in-line elemental analysis of, for example, plant feed ores (grain size less than 70 mm), concentrates and tailings material.

The speed of the belt can be up to 7 m/s.

It is also suitable for use in the monitoring of concentrates prior to smelting and control of concentrates at shipping terminals.

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The FLORIDA device adapts the well-known X-ray fluorescence for online process control and watere pollution monitoring. The ability of the device to continuously analyze the elemental composition of a fluid stream or slurry allows the use in various applications in the mining industry.

FLORIDA 400 is designed for example for the monitoring of flotation or leaching circuits, while FLORIDA WT is designed to monitor the effluent water.

News & Innovations

The IBERIA probe has been successfully used in several Copper, Lead and Zinc mines in Australia, South Africa and Chile.

Relative to traditional debris sampling techniques, IBERIA has proven to be comparable in terms of sampling representativeness, data accuracy and precision while providing the data in real-time allowing the user to make informed operational decisions on the spot.

From the first quarter of 2023, The IBERIA tool is available to mines and logging service providers in the chilean market on a commercial base.
What's coming in 2023.
In 2023, in line with J&C Bachmann GmbH's policy of continuous improvement, an even more compact and lighter version of the company's principal devices FLORIDA and TEXAS will be launched.

Also, in another business line of the company, an new device based on OREGON will be contemplated to meet the current challenge of medium and large mining to measure moisture and densities of bulk mineral transported on belts, in an accurate way and in real time, without human intervention.
Race to net Zero
Sorting of ores by type and grade at open pit mines is a major challenge.

Mining can be summarized in two main phases: ore extraction and ore processing. Both are energy intensive and the impact on the environment is multiple.

This is the raison why it is essential to send mined/extracted material with economic value to process and non-interesting material to a waste dump.

However, sometimes, exactly the opposite happens:

a) material with no economic value is sent to process, and/or
b) material with economic value is sent to a waste dump.

Why does this happen? Because at the moment to decide what should be sent where, geologists or mine production engineers do not have all the information at the right time. A key information required for good decisions is the ore grade content of the mined material.

This is where J&C Bachmann and the IBERIA Tool brings a change.

In the cconsidered case, J&C Bachmann demonstrated that the situations outlined above are considerably reduced by using the IBERIA probe, thereby also considerably reducing CO₂ emissions. The certificate is shown.

The IBERIA GEOPHYSICAL TOOL of J&C Bachmann enables Open Pit Mines to become more effective and reduce CO₂.

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