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WEICON produces chemical products for all areas of industry - from production over repair to maintenance. Another field is the development and distribution of stripping tools.

About us

Since 1947, WEICON GmbH & Co. KG has been producing speciality products for the industry in Germany. The range of products includes special adhesives and sealants, technical sprays and high-performance assembly pastes and greases for all areas of industry - from production over repair up to maintenance. Another field of activity is the development, sales and distribution of stripping tools.

The company headquarters is located in Muenster, Germany. WEICON has subsidiaries in Dubai, Canada, Turkey, Romania, South Africa, Singapore, the Czech Republic, Spain and Italy. The company is represented by WEICON partners in more than 120 countries all over the world.

Königsberger Str. 255
48157 Münster

Phone: +49 251 93220
Internet: www.weicon.com

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Joan Ferrando
Area Sales Manager International
Phone: +49 175 2211473

Products & Services

Weicon produces speciality products for the industry. The range of products includes special adhesives and sealants, technical sprays and high-performance assembly pastes and greases for all areas of industry - from production over repair up to maintenance.

Weicon also offers special products that can be used in the mining industry.

Some examples for this kind of products are Plastic Metal WP, a special epoxy resin system for the protection of heavily used surfaces; Fast-Bond, a fast-curing one-component structural and assembly adhesive or Weiconlock AN 302-43, an adhesive and sealant for threadlocking.

Other examples are Anti Seize, a corrosion protection and high-performance assembly paste and the Electro Contact Cleaner that can be used for fast and efficient cleaning and degreasing.

Weicon also offers a large number of technical sprays like W 44 T, a multifunctional oil that is suitable for many areas of industry.

WEICON W 44 T - Multifunctional oil with multiple effect

WEICON W 44 T is a multifunctional technical spray which, thanks to its special formula and outstanding creeping capacity, combines corrosion protection, water displacement, lubrication, conservation and cleaning in one product. It loosens seized threads, bolts and valves, penetrates and dissolves rust, dispels moisture and makes it easier to start wet motors. It eliminates squeaky and creaky noises. It cleans soled metal surfaces. It protects and preserves all types of tools and machines.

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WEICON Anti-Seize - Reliable protection against corrosion, seizing and cold welding

WEICON Anti-Seize is a corrosion protection and high-performance assembly paste. It is high-temperature resistant and exhibits exceptionally good release characteristics.
Due to its special formulation and most finely ground solid lubricants, it fills all irregularities in the surface.
It is used as a protecting, separating and lubricating agent for highly stressed parts. It protects against corrosion, seizure and wear, stick-slip phenomena, oxidation, fretting corrosion and cold welding.

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WEICONLOCK AN 302-43 - Anaerobic threadlocking

WEICON from Germany presents WEICONLOCK - anaerobic adhesives and sealants that can be used for locking screws, fixing cylindrical joints or for sealing flanges and threaded pipes and fittings. They are resistant to chemicals, solvents and to high vibration and impact.
WEICONLOCK AN 302-43 is a thread sealant with higher viscosity and medium strength. It is normal to dismantle and suitable for threadlocking in the automotive industry and other applications.

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News & Innovations

Repair of heavily stressed parts - Epoxy resin system Weicon HT 111
For repairing and touching up heavily stressed metal parts, Weicon has developed a special epoxy resin system – Weicon HT 111.

This is a pasty, steel-filled two-component system that can withstand temperatures up to 200 °C and 280 °C for short periods. Weicon HT 111 is resistant to chemicals, does not corrode and is processed in a mixing ratio of 1:1. Due to its pasty consistency, the repair material is also suitable for processing on vertical surfaces.
Weicon HT 111 can be used to refurbish heavily worn surfaces. The versatile system is used for metal repair and bonding on castings and metal parts, filling blowholes, repairing damage to containers, car bodies and machine parts, and sealing pumps and pipes.

Thanks to its properties, the composite material is particularly suitable for applications in mechanical and plant engineering, apparatus engineering, the bulk materials industry, mining, open-pit mining, chemical plants, and many other areas of industrial production. Further reading
For emergency repairs - WEICON Pipe Repair-Kit
For the emergency repair of defective and damaged pipes and pipelines, Weicon designed a special set – the Weicon Pipe Repair-Kit.

The set includes a Repair Stick Steel, a special repair tape made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, assembly instructions and a pair of protective gloves.
The tape is impregnated with a special resin and activated by contact with water.
The Kit can be processed without additional tools and is used for the reliable and permanent sealing of cracks and leaks.

It is very easy and quick to use and shows excellent adhesive properties, high pressure and chemical resistance as well as temperature resistance up to 150°C. Within 30 minutes, the tape is fully cured and hard-wearing.

Due to the fabric properties of the tape, the resulting high flexibility and the simple processing, the repair kit is particularly suitable for sealing
leaks in bends, T-pieces or in spaces difficult to access. Further reading
Repair of Rubber Surfaces - WEICON Belt Repair-Kit
For the fast and reliable repair of conveyor belts and rubber surfaces in general, we have developed a special set – the Weicon Belt Repair-Kit.
It is a 2-component polyurethane system for the fast repair and coating of rubber surfaces. It has a high curing speed, high elasticity and wear resistance, is impact-resistant and abrasion-resistant, and has a particularly high tear resistance. Thanks to its high mechanical strength, it is suitable especially for repairs on rubber and metal components, which are exposed to impacts, abrasion or vibrations.
The kit offers fast and easy processability. The system is suitable for various applications, such as the repair and coating of conveyor belts, the repair of rubber coatings, for use as flexible wear protection, and for the fast repair of worn-out rubber surfaces.
In addition to the polyurethane system, the set comprises a primer for surface pre-treatment, and a spatula to spread the compound evenly. Further reading

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