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Ifm IO-Link systems Point-to-point communication

The most important manufacturers of sensors, actuators and automation systems have developed the IO-Link system. Together they have created a standard automation interface independent of the fieldbus that offers the user a point-to-point connection without complex addressing.

Binary switches, which in the past were often limited to simple switching signals or analog values, have become intelligent sensors.

What are the advantages of ifm's IO-Link systems?
Ifm's IO-Link sensors now offer completely new possibilities for users. An example is the transmission in both directions of cyclic and acyclic data and of messages. On the other hand, IO-Link offers much more:

No external influence of the signal
The data transmission is based on a 24V signal. The use of shielded cables and earthing is not necessary.

No loss of measurement values
The transmission of measured values ​​is carried out digitally in its entirety. This replaces the transmission and conversion of analog signals, processes that tend to be prone to errors.

Simple sensor replacement
All sensor parameters are stored in the master and transmitted to the new device.

Protection against manipulation
Adjustment errors by the operators no longer occur.

Equivalent substitution equipment. Erroneous sensors are not accepted.

Detection of wire break / diagnosis
Wire breaks or short circuits are detected immediately.

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