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Race to net Zero

Sorting of ores by type and grade at open pit mines is a major challenge.

Mining can be summarized in two main phases: ore extraction and ore processing. Both are energy intensive and the impact on the environment is multiple.

This is the raison why it is essential to send mined/extracted material with economic value to process and non-interesting material to a waste dump.

However, sometimes, exactly the opposite happens:

a) material with no economic value is sent to process, and/or
b) material with economic value is sent to a waste dump.

Why does this happen? Because at the moment to decide what should be sent where, geologists or mine production engineers do not have all the information at the right time. A key information required for good decisions is the ore grade content of the mined material.

This is where J&C Bachmann and the IBERIA Tool brings a change.

In the cconsidered case, J&C Bachmann demonstrated that the situations outlined above are considerably reduced by using the IBERIA probe, thereby also considerably reducing CO₂ emissions. The certificate is shown.

The IBERIA GEOPHYSICAL TOOL of J&C Bachmann enables Open Pit Mines to become more effective and reduce CO₂.

Exhibitor: J&C Bachmann GmbH


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