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DURUM Verschleiss-Schutz GmbH

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About us

DURUM Verschleiss-Schutz GmbH (Verschleiss-Schutz means Wear Protection) is an international company with more than 40 years of experience in mining. Germany with its long tradition, both in opencast and underground mining, has a world-leading mining equipment industry. Due to the geographical proximity to the large open-cast mining companies in Germany, DURUM has a very close and intensive cooperation with its mining customers. Testing and introducing new products, or product modifying the ongoing dialogue with our customers is very intensive and based on mutual respect. In today’s Mining Industry we supply the following products and service.

Flux Cored Wires, so called complex carbides iron based, with chrome, niobium, vanadium, molybdenum and – or other alloying elements,
Tungsten Carbide - Nickel based products:

  • Flux Cored Wires
  • PTA (Plasma Transferred Arc) Powders and Wires
  • Laser Powders
  • Tubular Electrodes
  • Powders for Flame and HVOF Spraying

Wear plates chrome carbide - with and without complex carbides, Tungsten Carbide – Nickel alloys.


DURUM Verschleiss-Schutz GmbH
Carl-Friedrich-Benz-Str. 7
47877 Willich

E-mail: info@durum.de
Phone:  +49 2154 4837-0
Internet: www.durmat.com

Contact person:

Jorge Rojas C.
Commercial Director Latin America
E-mail: jorge.rojas@durum.de
Phone: +593 985 912911

Products & Services

Flux cored wires for coating of worn and new parts, buffer layers, build-up. Tungsten Carbide Coatings: coatings of extreme hardness and high resistance to breakage and deformation, mainly used for anti-wear applications. Thanks to its hardness, carbides are able to resist abrasion. Castable powders: they can melt forming a successive final layer to ensure metallurgical bonding with the underlying substrate Tungsten Carbide rods for oxyacetylene welding and flexible wires for treatment of surfaces exposed to extreme wear conditions. Electrodes coated with Tungsten Carbide, Complex Carbides and Chrome Carbides for manual arc welding. DURMAT ® -PLATINUM plates manufactured with the PTA high performance process (Plasma Transferred Arc) are the answer to the growing demands aimed at improving the profitability and productivity of the heavy industry in which special iron alloys are applied.

Wear Plates DURMAT® CP

DURMAT® CP wear plates are manufactured using a welding process with flux cored wires. The high wear resistance of the plate is achieved by the use of DURMAT® flux cored wires with a high Cr and C content. By adding the so-called complex carbides, a high proportion of chromium and special carbides is formed, so that the required properties can be achieved simply by applying a layer according to the qualities according to DIN 8555 E 10-60 G.
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Placas de desgaste DURMAT® Platinum

DURUM nickel-based tungsten carbide alloys exhibit superior abrasion and wear resistance, retaining their hardness up to 600°C (approx. 1,000 ° F) in combination with excellent corrosion properties.
The PTA welding process is suitable for almost all cobalt and nickel base alloys as well as specially designed iron base alloys. Primary carbides in combination with these nickel, cobalt and iron base alloys provide better wear resistance than the traditional bi-metal plates.
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DURMAT® Hard-facing products

Tungsten Carbide FCAW wires
Tungsten Carbide Rods for oxy-acetylene welding
Stellite*-Flux Cored Wires
Nickel and Iron based Flux Cored Wires
Tungsten Carbides, Complex Carbides and Chromium Carbides
PTA Welding Powders, Fe-Ni-Co based Powders and special blends
PTA machines, torches and powder feeders
Tungsten Carbide Wear Plates
Wear Plates with Chromium Carbides and Complex Carbides
Pre-manufactured replacement wear parts
and so on
*Stellite is a registered trademark of Kennametal Stellite
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