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About us

Ecopreneur is a specialist in solutions for water transformation: Wastewater treatment, production of drinking water, conditioning and reuse of water in general. Ecopreneur has extensive experience backed by more than 26 years of experience and more than 500 projects developed in various productive sectors of the market. Each project is made to measure according to the specific requirements of each client and current regulations.

With a presence in Chile, Peru and Colombia, Ecopreneur is part of the German group SKion Water, with whom it shares the challenge of delivering comprehensive water treatment solutions that allow quality water to be obtained that contributes to the purposes of its clients and thereby improve people's quality of life.

Ecopreneur has set out to lead the market in terms of fulfilling the commitments signed with customers, rigorously satisfying the required requirements, in order to establish a relationship of mutual, transparent and serious trust.

AMSA Chemical injection package EPC3

BHP Coloso Water recovery from thickeners with Ultrafiltration membrane technology. 6,900 m3d

Effluent treatment plant from gas washing towers, Codelco Potrerillos. Year 2018.

Gas washing tower effluent treatment plant, AngloAmerican Chagres. Year 2017.

Quebrada Blanca Phase 2 Project, TECK, Year 2022, Wastewater treatment plant. 17.800 p

RO reject water recovery with Ultrafiltration and RO (reverse osmosis) technology. SQM 2018

Agrosuper La estrella treatment plant 3,360 m3d, 1,1250,000 p equivalent.

PTAM Pallancata mine unit Peru

Mine water automation Hochschild Peru


SKion Water
Seedamweg 55
61352 Bad Homburg v.d. Hoehe

E-mail: eco@ecopreneur.cl
Phone:  +56 2 2334 6422
Internet: www.ecopreneur.cl
Cerro el plomo 5420, oficina 703, Las Condes

E-mail: eco@ecopreneur.cl
Phone:  +56 2 2334 6422
Internet: www.ecopreneur.cl
C. Miguel Dasso 117, San Isidro 15073

Phone:  +51 1 2644542

Contact person:

Pablo Saavedra Cisternas
Commercial Manager
E-mail: psaavedra@ecopreneur.cl
Phone: +56 94 4745632

Cesar Opazo Ruiz
Country Manager
E-mail: copazo@ecopreneur.cl
Phone: +56 99 4995635

Felipe Aravena Barra
Director Ejecutivo
E-mail: faravena@ecopreneur.cl
Phone: +56 99 8245086

Rodrigo Arismendi Callofa
Comercial assistant
E-mail: rarismedi@ecopreneur.cl
Phone: +56 97 9575020

Ernesto Montoya Serón
Gerentes comerciales
E-mail: emontoya@ecopreneur.pe
Phone: +51 940 488356

David Muñetones Ospina
Gerentes comerciales
E-mail: dmunetones@ecopreneur.com.co
Phone: +57 302 8691927

Add Frank Hixson
Country Manager Peru
E-mail: fhixson@ecopreneur.pe
Phone: +51 981914646

Products & Services

Ecopreneur has been present in the water and environmental treatment market since 1996. In its years of experience, it has carried out more than 500 water transformation projects, including:

Desalination and reuse.
Mine and process water.
Sludge treatment and biodigestion of solids.
Liquid Industrial Waste Treatment
Sewage treatment.

All of the above has position Ecopreneur as an expert in its field and has allowed it to create links with important companies in the environmental area of North America, Europe and Asia, which provides permanent and agile access to the most modern water treatment technologies in the entire world.

The company's internationalization process began in 2011 with operations in Peru and later in 2013 in Colombia, to continue providing solutions and expanding throughout Latin America.

In 2019 the Ecopreneur Group was acquired by the SKion Water Group (Germany).

Water treatment using Membrane Ultra pure water

Using membranes to carry out desalination for the production of drinking water or process water that allow the development of intensive economic activities in the consumption of this resource.
Concentration of ions of interest, removal of contaminants and other alternatives for the generation of high quality process water or ultra pure water.
Containerized systems are developed that allow the delivery of water quality according to the project specification.

Desalination plant using Reverse Osmosis system

Process and acid mine water treatment

Treatment of mine water which is generated mainly in underground operations as a result of the drainage of rainwater, snowmelt and groundwater, which when passing through the rocks and mining activities, obtain a high content of metals, sulfates and acidity variations that considerably affect discharges to lakes, rivers and others.
A specified water quality is obtained and a solid waste to be disposed of.

Mine acid water treatment

Waste water treatment and ReUse

With consolidated experience in design and installation of conventional activated sludge plants, extended aeration, MBR, MBBR and anaerobic treatments, among other biological systems. Primary treatment systems, odor treatment, dehydration, conditioning, stabilization and drying of sludge complete the process line of these plants.
Developing systems for the reuse of treated water, we implement pilots and evaluations.

Waste water treatment plant

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