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Geccotec GmbH

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About us

The GECCOTEC idea:

We develop and apply real time sensing technologies which allows for high resolution characterization of geological or artifical soil bodies. This can be mine tailings or waste deposits. The acquired in-situ data build the basis for the estimation of resources in mine residues called tailings or the risk assessment of mine waste deposits.

The further evaluation of resourcs and reserves utilizing interpolation and block models based on international codes and standards provide the basis for sustainable remining of tailings.

Considering environmental risks or impacts the high resolution in-situ data allows for qualified and cost effective design of environmental remediation measures.


Geccotec GmbH
Halsbrücker Str. 34
09599 Freiberg

E-mail: info@geccotec.com
Phone:  +49 7081 156042
Internet: geccotec.com

Products & Services

Direct Sensing Services
Geccotec offers high-quality, cost-effective field service solutions using our MPT probe. The MPT system is an in-situ XRF probe which analyzes elemental concentration in real-time in tailings.

Innovative 3D Tailings Characterization
Mine tailings can provide sources for regaining valuable metals like Copper and Nickel as well as Rare Earth Elements (REE). Using Geccotec's direct sensing services tailings are characterized to allow economic extraction of valuable metals and minerals.

Development of innovative in-situ probes and systems
Geccotec developes and manufactures equipment for in-situ testing of soil and groundwater. Our systems are designed for in-situ data aquisition based on CPT or Direct Push technologies.

Metal Probing Tool

The MPT (Metal Probing Tool) is an XRF-based elemental probe which provides a continuous element concentration log during direct push operation.
The probe can be deployed on various direct push rigs and can analyze multiple elements at the same time. The results are available in real-time allowing an adaptive sensing grid.
The data and results of the probe are provided on a cloud-based interface.

The MPT tool

MPT in field. The push truck is suspended, ready for probing in an abandoned german mine tailing.

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