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Ringfeder Power Transmission

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About us

RINGFEDER HENFEL has extensive know-how in components for power transmission and drive systems, such as elastic couplings, constant or variable speed hydrodynamic couplings, locking assemblies, shrink discs, bearing housings and industrial brakes.

Our foundry enables the development of special projects with short delivery times

Machining division with modern equipment. Capability of up to 1250 mm radial diameter.

Quality control ISO 9001:2015 certified

Research and development facilities: torque transmission test bench

Research and development facilities: bearing housing sealing test bench

Creative solutions for large equipment drives, with easy maintenance

Variable speed drives with hydrodynamic technology: suitable for long distance conveyors

Radially assembled / disassembled couplings: easy maintenance and reduced MTTR of the coupled parts

wide range of shaft-hub locking devices, providing reliable torque transmission

Special bearing housings with split taconite proof seals


Ringfeder Power Transmission
Werner-Heisenberg-Str. 18
64823 Gross­-Umstadt

E-mail: smarter@ringfeder.com
Phone: +49 6078 9385­-0
Internet: www.ringfeder.com
Ringfeder Henfel
Av. Maj. Hilário Tavares Pinheiro 3447
14871-300 - Jaboticabal, SP

E-mail: smarter@ringfeder.com
Phone: +55 16 997852751
Internet: www.ringfeder.com

Contact person:

Matheus Brunini Mendes
Foreign trade and marketing supervisor
E-mail: matheus.mendes@ringfeder.com
Phone: +55 16 997852751

Products & Services

RINGFEDER HENFEL has extensive know-how in components for drive systems and power transmission, such as elastic, gear, flange and rigid couplings, constant or variable speed hydrodynamic couplings, locking assemblies, shrink discs, bearing housings and industrial brakes.

Shaft-hub locking assemblies

Simple and quick assembly and disassembly, complete freedom from maintenance and wear, absolutely backlash-free power transmission: RINGFEDER® Locking Assemblies are friction-locked shaft-hub connections manufactured to the highest quality standards. They are suitable for the precise fastening of all types of hubs, e.g. toothed gears, running wheels and chain sprockets, levers, cam discs, belt and brake discs, slip-on gears, couplings or flanges, on shafts and axles.
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locking assembly

Bearing housing

In the market since 1.984, HENFEL’s bearing housings are distinguished by their top notch quality. Manufactured out of grey cast iron, nodular cast iron or carbon steel, the housings can withstand the most stringent load conditions found in the mining segment.
Designed with reliable sealing solutions, the bearings can live up to their lifespan requirements, thus contributing with the performance of our customers.

Bearing housing

Elastic Coupling HDFB

The HDFB is a flexible coupling of radial elastic elements that connects a driving machine to a driven machine. Due to its technical characteristics, it provides efficient torque transmission through the compression of the elastic elements, which also absorb shocks and vibrations from the driving and driven machine. Its constructive form allows radial assembly / disassembly without displacing any coupled parts of the drive, thus saving time and increasing safety to all parts involved.
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Split elastic coupling HDFB

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