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Jungheinrich Chile

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About us

Jungheinrich inspires, influences and shapes the world of intralogistics, and has been for more than 60 years. We don't just want to identify the latest trends or developments. We take a proactive approach to change and use our ingenuity to set ourselves apart from the competition. Our success is based on a corporate and management culture that places great emphasis on using your own initiative and trusting in our employees. We remain true to the motto of our company founder, Friedrich Jungheinrich: "Go for it!" In other words: See what we can accomplish together! What does it mean to be a pioneer? For us, it is always thinking of the bigger picture and being reliable every step of the way. But also thinking outside the box to overcome any challenge. Some of our best successes include our energy recovery initiatives when braking and lowering the load, electric steering and the use of lithium-ion batteries instead of lead-acid batteries. This sets us apart from our competitors, and we want to continue to be a global driving force with our products and solutions in the future.


Jungheinrich Chile
Friedrich-Ebert-Damm 129
22047 Hamburg

E-mail: claudio.ibarra@jungheinrich.cl
Phone:  +49 80 0222585858
Internet: www.jungheinrich.de
Jungheinrich Chile
Miraflores 9699,

E-mail: contacto@jungheinrich.cl
Phone:  +56 22 499 7100
Internet: www.jungheinrich.cl
Jungheinrich Chile
Camino a Coronel km.10 Módulo 3D, San Pedro de la Paz

E-mail: claudio.ibarra@jungheinrich.cl
Phone:  +56 4 1380 2200
Jungheinrich Chile
Ruta 5 Sur Km. 1025, Mód. 13, Camino a Pargua
Puerto Montt

Phone:  +56 4 1380 2210

Products & Services

We offer you a comprehensive product portfolio: from the forklift to fully automated logistics systems with intelligent software solutions that interconnect machines, systems and processes; all this in combination with innovative and flexible financing and support services. For maximum performance in cargo dispatch and more efficient material flow.

Electric Forklift EFG 535-S50

Our robust and high-performance 5-series four-wheel electric forklifts are the ideal machines for the toughest indoor and outdoor applications. Thanks to intelligent attachment integration options, individual attachments can be integrated for transporting virtually any type of load. With our PureEnergy technology concept, they perform these tasks efficiently, both in terms of energy and in terms of costs.
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Shuttle Compact Storage System

Compact shuttle warehouses combine maximum use of space in the warehouse with a simultaneously high handling capacity. Typical for a channel warehouse is the flexibility compared to different numbers of articles, for which the channel depth is optimally adjusted during planning. The basis for this is a system consisting of a sewer rack, a shuttle that drives independently in the channels and carrier vehicles for storing and removing the goods.

Logistics systems: tailor-made solutions for your business

If automation and digitization increase the requirements for the configuration of complex intralogistics processes, intelligent logistics systems with tailor-made solutions are the right answer. Prepare your production and work environment for the challenges of the future.

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